There's no doubt that 3D printing is making huge waves across almost every industry - from architecture and engineering to healthcare, fashion and product design. However, we are also seeing an ever-widening skills gap, which is augmented by the lack of funding schools receive for edtech products. Fundraising activities such as cake sales and events are a great way to raise money to purchase technology equipment, but imagine if there was an alternative way that involved students learning entrepreneurial skills in the process.

Introducing the Little Entrepreneurs Project - a creative journey for teams of students, where they are guided by a 30-page portfolio to create a 3D printing business. Teams are challenged to go through a rigorous, investigative process to design a 3D printed product, which can be sold to parents, local businesses and the local community. In addition to designing a product, students will learn about business aspects such as manufacturing costs and market research.

The project can be undertaken as a roleplay scenario but we are encouraging teachers to actually implement one of the business plans created by students. Whether the funds created can pay for filament for your 3D printers or students exceed expectations and raise enough money to buy more 3D printers, we believe in the entrepreneurial skills of your students and so should you!