Little Entrepreneurs Project

A 30-page team portfolio that guides students to create a 3D printing business - available to subscribers of The PrintLab Classroom

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Lesson Overview

This lesson plan combines all the key fundamentals of 3D printing into a single 60 minute workshop. The aim is to provide students with a complete overview of 3D printing technologies and the opportunities and limitations that come with them. The format of the workshop is based on 10 workstations, each consisting of an information poster, 3D printed demonstration models and challenges that encourage creative thinking.

The project can be undertaken as a roleplay scenario but we are encouraging teachers to actually implement one of the business plans created by students. Whether the funds created can pay for filament for your 3D printers or students exceed expectations and raise enough money to buy more 3D printers, we believe in the entrepreneurial skills of your students and so should you!

Portfolio contents include:

The Brief
Product Examples
Define your Idea
Draw your Idea
Concept Feedback
Re-Draw your Idea
Market Research and Strategy
Manufacturing Equipment
Product Competition
Marketing to your Audience
Operational Strategy
Business Plan
CAD Design
3D Print a Prototype
Prototype Testing
Audience Feedback
Cost Analysis
Sketch your Iteration
CAD Design Iteration
3D Print the Iteration
Present your Business

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