In this 1 hour lesson, students undertake a series of design challenges to fix broken artefacts using 3D scan data and Tinkercad software. After an initial introduction to 3D scanning for preservation and restoration, students are provided with a workbook to guide them through 4 challenges. Each challenge involves students importing STL scan data into Tinkercad (or Fusion 360), where they will fix or recreate the broken artefact. The aim of the challenges is to educate students about the opportunities of 3D scanning for cultural heritage and as a homework assignment, they are asked to create a short report or presentation about their findings.

Included Resources

3D scanning explainer video (hosted on PrintLab's student portal)

Broken artefacts 3D scan data pack (STL)

Challenge workbooks (PDF)

Video design tutorials in Tinkercad and Fusion 360 (hosted on PrintLab's student portal)