Designing in Tinkercad for 3D Printing

Learn how to design specifically for 3D printing in Tinkercad and test your knowledge in a quiz. Access this course for FREE at the bottom of the page.

Lesson Overview

In this short online course, users will learn about the best practices for designing in Tinkercad software, specifically for 3D printing. The course is video based and goes over 10 essential tips to achieving good quality prints on FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) 3D printers. From overhanging features and bridges to wall thicknesses and tolerances, you'll be sure to find some handy tips to help you get the best possible results from your 3D printer. At the end of the course is a quiz so be sure to pay close attention to the tips!

Course Sections:

1. Overhangs

2. Bridging

3. Wall Thickness

4. Orientation

5. Tolerance

6. Engraving and Embossing

7. Bed Adhesion

8. Fillets for Strength

9. Sharp and Narrow Points

10. Respecting your 3D Printer

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