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In this creative project, students will design and 3D print a self-watering planter before growing their own classroom plants! By watching a teacher presentation, they will become familiar with the processes of photosynthesis and the advantages of self-watering planters. Students will go on to follow a tutorial video to design a basic self-watering planter. Finally, they are challenged to add certain features to the planter and customise it to make it unique! Once 3D printed, the class can experiment with different seeds and explore the optimal conditions for plant growth.

Included Resources

Curriculum alignment documents (ISTE, NGSS, CCSS and UK National Curriculum Standards)

Example self-watering planter model (STL)

Class presentation (Google Docs and PDF)

Video design tutorials in Tinkercad and Fusion 360 (hosted on PrintLab's student portal)

Photosynthesis and planters explainer video (hosted on PrintLab's student portal)

Design challenges worksheet (Google Docs and PDF)

Assessment rubric (Google Docs and PDF)