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PrintLab Classroom is a professional development and lesson plan portal for teachers looking to integrate 3D printing into core subject areas. Our overarching mission is to link industry and education, preparing students for innovative and disruptive careers in 3D design and 3D printing. Enrolling in PrintLab Classroom will give you 12 months access to all of PrintLab's lesson plans and training resources, including a certified course for teachers that details all aspects of 3D printing in the classroom. We welcome you to click on the featured lessons below to learn more about the various projects. Two new lessons are also added to the portal each month! PrintLab Classroom is now available in Polish and Greek, with more translations on the way.

PrintLab curriculum uses free 3D modelling software and is compatible with all FFF 3D printers. Each lesson has its own section on the portal where teachers can access information about how to prepare and deliver the lesson. Downloadable materials include:

Slide-show Presentations

Student Workbooks

Design Tutorial Videos

Teacher Training Tutorials

3D Printable STL Files

"The kids loved it and we actually managed to get a working whistle at the end! One of the kids has been so keen on it he convinced his Dad to buy a 3D Printer kit and they spent the weekend building it together!"

- Stuart Lawn, Co-Founder, FabLab Manorhamilton

"I like the set up of the curriculum, as it includes everything a teacher needs from digital handouts and presentations to instructional videos and relevant connections to common learning standards."

- Brian Nagel, Technology Facilitator, Haverhill Public Schools

"I really like the portal - I was excited to see lessons for subjects other than just science and technology. We have already done the Braille lesson in class and it went really well!"

- Carrie Beach, STEAM Teacher - Washington Junior High School

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