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In this skill-building mini course (for teachers and students), you will learn how to send basic Tinkercad models to Fusion 360 for further editing and visual presentations. A basic Tinkercad model of a balloon powered dragster is provided, together with a series of bite-size instructional videos to follow. By participating in the course, you will gain the skills and confidence to edit your own unique Tinkercad models by utilising Fusion 360's amazing toolkit!

Course Topics

1. Tinkercad to Fusion Workflow

2. Applying Chamfers

3. Applying Fillets

4. Sketching & Extruding

5. The Sweep Tool

6. Creating Circular Patterns

7. Mirroring Objects

8. Hollowing Objects

9. Rendering Images

10. Creating Drawings

11. Exporting STL Files