In this 1 hour lesson, students will be provided with a series of scenarios that involve using their school's 3D printing equipment to manufacture models for various clients. By uploading the provided STL files into their slicing software, students must adjust settings and calculate a range of factors, including print times, materials costs, operational strategies and more!

Scenario Challenges

3D printing 100 spinning tops for a charity event (students must calculate the material cost)

3D printing a pen holder for a product design company who are interested in purchasing a 3D printer but have concerns about print times (students must adjust slicer settings to see if the pen holder can print in under 3 hours)

3D printing as many PrintLab branded phone stands in 2 weeks for a trade show giveaway (students must calculate the maximum amount of phone stands that can be 3D printed in the given timeframe)

+ 5 more challenges!