Redesign your Classroom

Students are challenged to redesign their classroom to improve their own learning environment - available to subscribers of The PrintLab Classroom

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Lesson Overview

In this project, students are challenged to redesign their classroom to enhance their own learning environment. By gathering students' opinions through a class questionnaire, positive and negative aspects of the current classroom layout are identified. The class then collaboratively design and 3D print volumetric scale models of the walls, floor, furniture, equipment and displays. Within teams, students use the models to generate multiple design options through play and reconfiguration - adding new elements where required. Final ideas are then presented to the rest of the class, who vote for the best option to be implemented.

Subject Areas

The lesson can be incorporated into the study of maths, design technology, and computing. The material can be adapted for ages 9-15. The curriculum is aligned to NGSS, CCSS and UK National Curriculum standards. A comprehensive list of standards met is included in the lesson platform.

In this project students will:

  • use questionnaire data to identify trends and design opportunities for their classroom

  • measure elements of their classroom before converting the values to a relevant scale factor for a 3D printed model

  • use 3D modelling software to design a digital model of their classroom to a relevant scale factor

        • use 3D printers to manufacture a scale model of their classroom

        • explore multiple architectural design options by reconfiguring 3D printed scale models

        • analyse their work and the work of their peers to suggest improvements to their designs

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