The PrintLab Certification Course

A certified course for teachers that covers all aspects of 3D printing in the classroom - included in all PrintLab Classroom license options

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Course Overview

The PrintLab Certification Course is the ultimate training journey for teachers getting started with 3D printing. The course brings together extracts from various PrintLab resources and pieces them together to create a step-by-step professional development journey for educators. The aim of the course is to enable teachers to become proficient and confident in teaching 3D printing curriculum, whilst ensuring they have the necessary 3D design and 3D printing skills.

The course is the ideal starting point for teachers that are getting started with 3D printing, but intermediate and advanced users are also encouraged to participate to learn new classroom tips! At the end of the course are 3 assessments that must be completed and passed before receiving a certificate of completion, which will be issued by email following review of the assessments by a member of PrintLab.

Upon completing the course, teachers will have access to 12 months of 3D printing curriculum, with 2 new lessons being added each month! From designing braille blocks and balloon-powered cars to whistles and maracas - you can be rest assured you'll have an abundance of cross-curricular content to inspire the next generation.

Enrolling in PrintLab Classroom will give you 12 months access to the PrintLab Certification Course and lesson plan library