Make your School Name in Braille

Design and 3D print braille blocks that spell out your school's name. Access this course for FREE at the bottom of the page.

Lesson Overview

In this 1 hour lesson students will collaboratively design and 3D print their school name in braille. The lesson involves context about the written language braille along with mathematical calculations, CAD design and 3D printing.

Subject Areas

The lesson can be incorporated into the study of english/languages, mathematics, design technology or computing and can be adapted for ages 8-16. The curriculum is aligned to ISTE, NGSS, CCSS and UK National Curriculum standards. A comprehensive list of standards met is included in the lesson platform.

In this project students will:

  • develop contextual knowledge of braille

  • understand the basic principles of braille design

  • design CAD models to set dimensions

        • develop an understanding of 3D printers and how they operate

        • manufacture braille models through 3D printing

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