Make a Functional Wrench

Students design and 3D print wrenches to fit various sized nuts and bolts

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Lesson Overview

In this 2 part lesson, students will be designing and 3D printing their own unique wrench. Prior to the lesson, the teacher will use the STL provided in the lesson materials to 3D print nuts and bolts at various sizes. During the lesson, students will measure the demonstration models and create a wrench to fit the nut and bolt allocated to them!

Subject Areas

The lesson can be incorporated into the study of design technology, computing, physics and maths. The material can be adapted for ages 8-15. The curriculum is aligned to NGSS, CCSS and UK National Curriculum standards. A comprehensive list of standards met is included in the lesson platform.

In this project students will:

  • Develop an understanding of the nut and bolt mechanism

  • Develop an understanding of friction and torque

  • Develop and communicate design ideas using 3D, mathematical and computer-based tools

        • Use specialist tools in the form of 3D printers to manufacture a functional tool

        • Understand developments in technology and explore their impact on individuals and society

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