3D Modelling Basics Workshop

An introductory workshop that introduces students to the fundamentals of 3D modelling with Tinkercad - available to subscribers of The PrintLab Classroom

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Lesson Overview

This lesson plan combines all the key fundamentals of 3D modelling in Tinkercad into a 1-2 hour workshop. From navigating the model workspace and placing objects to mirroring and combining shapes, students will be provided with a complete overview of the tools and opportunities within Tinkercad software.

A digital lesson pack will be provided to each student, consisting of 10 folders. Each folder follows the same process of:

1. Introducing students to a specific design tool in an informational worksheet.

2. Providing students with knowledge and skills in the design tool through a video tutorial. The video tutorials guide students in loading up an existing Tinkercad file, before giving instructions on manipulating the various components within it.

3. Students may not have the skills to fully design models at this stage, so the base models allow them to see what they are working towards, whilst participating in bite size activities.
Challenging students in a design task using the tool they have learnt.

Workshop sections include:

    1. Introduction & Navigation

    2. Placing and Moving Shapes

    3. Scaling Objects

    4. Grouping Objects

    5. Rotating Objects

    6. Making Holes

    7. Duplicating Objects

    8. Aligning Objects

    9. The Flip Tool

    10. Shape Generators

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